Day 2

DR Blog March 23, 2015

The Bakery

The Power of Prayer became immediately evident upon our arrival at Vision Celestial (our partner church). For the past several months, Vision Celestial (VC) has been trying for months to acquire property to build a bakery. Hillside has contributed $20,000 (from the Free to Serve campaign) to purchase equipment for this bakery.

Just as the water filtration project provides clean water to the local community, this bakery will employ and train local women. These women will then learn a trade and be able to begin to lift themselves out of poverty.

Because the project was delayed over and over, staff at VC asked the congregation to get down on their knees and pray and pray. At 6:00 p.m. Friday, the day we left California, the purchase of the property was miraculously completed.

We travelled to the D.R. with the assumption that we would not work on the project due to the delays about which we had heard.  Both churches have now been blessed by God’s divine intervention.

When we first arrived at the bakery site, we cheered in front of the building and then prayed in the courtyard.

While we were able to begin helping with the cleanup/renovation process now, the vast majority of the work will be accomplished after we leave.  Members of next year’s DR mission trip will be able enjoy fresh bread from this project!