Day 4

All work and no play makes David a tired worker. 

Hard work and fun play makes David a happy camper.

It is good to work, and it is good to rest! On Wednesday, we worked for a half day and then took a 2 hour drive to Resurrection Bay for a dinner cruise with some animal watching along the way. The waters were filled with scuffling sea otters, a humpback whale that managed to elude my camera (look for the picture of splashes…), two bald eagles (they look like ping pong balls in the picture with the cabin) and darting puffins, all enveloped by the colossal mountains of Alaska. 

Dad quote of the day courtesy of our new Floridian friend Brad: Go(at) for it! (after we were pointing out the many Dahl sheep in the mountains) When looking at the pictures, if you see any white spots amidst the green of the mountains, it is probably a Dahl sheep perched precariously on a cliff. 

Musing of the day: “If there is a constructive way forward for Christians in the midst of our broken but also beautiful cultures, it will require us to recover these two biblical postures of cultivation and creation. And that recovery will involve revisiting the biblical story itself, where we discover that God is more intimately and eternally concerned with culture than we have yet come to believe.” Andy Crouch, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling