Day 3

Today was another day of tough and rewarding work as we continue to serve with our partners! Val and Erik were brave souls cleaning out a room with bed bugs; Lindsey, Sarah, and David power washed a few buildings in preparation for re-staining (may I just say how fun it is to use a power washer…), Kathy and Lindsey painted; and Jana was a sought-after master apron maker. 

Quote of the day from Sarah: “Where are all the fairies?”

A philosophy that we hold dear at Hillside and Compassion, Justice, and Missions is that of partnership. This week spent in Soldotna, Alaska is one of the ways Hillside is continuing our current partnerships with churches and organizations. ACC is just one of our partners, along with the Safe House in SE Asia, GROW in Thailand, and Del Camino Connection in the Dominican Republic, just to name a few. The church has been a partner and supporter of ACC since the very beginning and sending teams to help in the summer is continuing this reciprocal relationship. It’s not just about sending money or taking over a project with what we see as our talents and resources, but coming alongside what God is already doing within churches and communities. 

Musing for the day: “The starting point for church-to-church partnership is discovering what we each believe about Missio Dei or God’s mission for His world… We talk about Missio Dei because we really feel that in partnership part of God’s overarching plan for the restoration of all things is that we come together in Christ as brothers and sisters at our Father’s table, realizing the good news: we are all significant players in His mission as citizens of the Kingdom of God.” Shared Strength: Exploring Cross-Cultural Christian Partnerships, Edited by Beth Birmingham and Scott Todd