Day 5

Because it’s summer break, many of ACC’s students are at home, so a walk around campus will have you mostly bumping into sweaty and enthusiastic workers. However, there are a few students living on campus for the summer and working, like Tia from the Navajo Reservation in Flagstaff, Arizona. While a large majority of students are Alaskan Natives, many are from other areas as well. 

What are the ways in which ACC has impacted you? 

I have learned more of who Jesus is and have become part of a community. From the students, staff, and counseling center, I've learned who I am in Christ. They really go beyond what normal counselors do. It’s also Christian counseling which is hard to find, and we don't have that in Flagstaff. 

The counseling center is what really made me want to go here. I knew that I desperately needed counseling. They've helped me to deal with issues of self-harm and have equipped me with different coping mechanisms and the skills to be vocal about a lot of the things that I normally wouldn't tell people. 

How you have seen God move in the community? 

We share each other's burdens, especially with the suicides that have been happening this past year in the different villages. I felt like God was calling me to minister and just be there for the students who were going through that, seeing as I had attempted it before. There are moments where I've felt like I needed help, and there were people who came alongside me and prayed for me.

#TBTTT (Throwback Thursday to Tuesday) 

We went moose and caribou sighting! As we’ve all learned from searching for Bigfoot, it’s hard to get good pictures. ;)

Oh and Sarah found her fairies (in reference to Day 3) …