Day 6: Final Day!

Our final day of work was filled with more power-washing, putting the final touches on newly sewed aprons, re-building a walkway, dusting theology books in the library, a few bee stings, and some fried salmon. Oh what a splendid time we have had in Soldotna! We are energized, tired, a little sore, more muscular (or we’d like to think), and encouraged by our time here and our interactions with the college staff and students. Thanks Hillside for following us on our adventure! 

Today I had the privilege of talking with the president of Alaska Christian College, Keith Hamilton. He is a delightfully disarming man with a beautiful heart and vision for the college and its students. 

How have you seen God move though the college? 

Well, first off, thank you Hillside for almost 15 years of extreme support to the college, not just by sending work teams, but by allowing me to share stories when I come to visit Walnut Creek. We are true partners.

We began with one building on 10 acres and we now have 16 buildings on 27 acres. But it's not the buildings and the land that have been the form of our success, but Alaskan natives returning back to their home villages after they graduate. We are part of a movement seeing the face of the Alaskan villages changed student by student, family by family. We are seeing villages reclaimed for Christ. We're working with other entities to capitalize on the gospel being preached throughout the state.

What is you vision for the college? 

ACC is an educational arm of the church, and Alaska is our mission and our passion. We want to see more disciples in more villages leading and serving as followers of Christ. 

Musing of the day: 

“Wonder is the precondition for all wisdom.” Christian Wiman, My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer