Special Needs 

Led by Lee Ann Williams

Special Needs Ministry Team:

Ed Hultgren, Connie Dippo, Marie Shotwell, Martha Strysko, Susan Maritz, Lois Ratterree and Lee Ann Williams

Room at the Inn is Hillside's ministry to support and include those with special needs and/or a disability into our church family. Our mission statement is as follows: “The mission of Room at the Inn, as taught and modeled by Jesus, is to welcome and include people with special needs and disabilities into the Hillside family; and to create an environment that breaks down physical and attitudinal barriers.” 

Respite Days are offered three times a year to families who have a child with special needs. All the children in the family are welcome to attend, and each is paired with a buddy for the afternoon of activities.  If you are interested in sending your children to one of our respite days, or if you want to volunteer in any capacity, please Contact Lee Ann Williams.

Next Hillside Respite Day ----

Special Needs Resource/Support Group

Join us for a quarterly dinner, teaching, Bible study and prayer support for parents of children with special needs. Three churches are collaborating on this resource for families! Relevant topics and biblical teaching will be provided at each session.  Childcare available by reservation only. Cost $5 per adult for dinner and childcare.

Next Support Group - 6/2

If you are interested in sending your children to one of our respite days, or if you want to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Lee Ann Williams


Avenues- A Ministry for Adults (23+) with Special Needs  This ministry is one of friendship, spiritual support and using our gifts to serve others!  The group meets at Hillside the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month unless noted in the calendar.  Come and make new friends! Please Contact Tiffany Yates for more information at tiffany@hillsidecovenant.org and check us out on Facebook under Avenues at Hillside

Recovery Ministry 

Lead by Terry Camp

Local Homeless Ministry

Join us on any given Wednesday to find a group of Hillsiders serving dinner at the Restore recovery homes in Concord.  Volunteers are needed to cook beforehand and everyone is welcome to join in the meal!  Contact Glen Larson for more information: sonbright.window@gmail.com

Prison Ministries

Led by Randy Fischback & Margot Camp

Prison Ministry Team:

Ron Tosto, Brian Eyer, Tracy Hughes-Matson, Randy Fischback and Margot Camp

San Quentin Prison

San Quentin is California's oldest and best known correctional institution.  The state's only gas chamber and death row for all male condemned inmates are located at San Quentin.   

Volunteers Needed: SAN QUENTIN WORSHIP SERVICES.  Hillside has committed to going into San Quentin once a quarter to provide worship services for the inmates and to encourage them in their walk with Christ. Join us for worship services on June 4, August 20, and November 12.  There will be several opportunities at Christmas including Christmas Caroling and a Candlelight Service at San Quentin, and providing gifts to families of inmates in Contra Costa County.   


June 4, August 20, November 12


Led by Wenche Lier

Anti-Trafficking Ministry Team:

Charlene Cederwall, Gail Schilling, Judith Gabie, Bruce Nordeen, Victor Beard, Loretta Swanson and Wenche Lier

Join our Team

Do you have a desire to help the exploited or those at risk of being exploited? 

Do you want to educate others & be an advocate for change & justice?

Do you want to help victims heal from wounds due to sex trafficking?

The anti-trafficking “Task Force” meets monthly to plan educational & volunteer opportunities in the bay area.  In December we host a Christmas “Fair Trade” shopping experience and we ask that you donate baskets throughout the year in order for us to create beautiful “Baskets of Hope” that will support our safe house in S/E Asia.

Safe House Support Team: We have a team of people committed to walking with a safe house for victims of trafficking in S/E Asia.  

Easy Ways to Support the Safe House

Need Christmas cards? Birthday cards? Cards to give to clients? Beautiful cards made by the women at the Safe House are available in bulk by special order through Sarah Ago.

Donations toward this important work are always appreciated. Checks can be made to Hillside Covenant Church with "Safe House" in the memo line.

Vulnerable Children

Led by Dan Carl

Vulnerable Children Ministry Team:

Matt and Lisa McGuinness, Patti Freeman, Jackie Cederwall, Gary Cederwall, Frances Herrala and Dan Carl

If you would like to get involved in any of these ministries, contact Dan Carl or one of the other members of the Leadership Team.

Compassion International

Compassion International exists as a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. Many Hillside families sponsor children through Compassion International, including children at the Compassion project associated with our sister church in the Dominican Republic, Vision Celestial.  Hillside makes a trip to the Dominican Republic each winter to visit Vision Celestial and its Compassion International project.  To find out more about this ministry go to: www.compassion.com.


“Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide” is a ministry to at-risk children in Thailand. It is run by Hillside friend Faa Sumitra. G.R.O.W. rescues children from lives of abuse and exploitation and allows them to experience God’s love in a safe and loving environment.  Hillside makes a trip to Southeast Asia each Fall to visit G.R.O.W. and other ministry partners.   For more information visit: http://grow-worldwide.com

Meadow Homes

Meadow Homes is a public elementary school in Concord, California where many of its students come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  We support the dedicated teachers at the school by organizing Teacher Appreciation Days and also participating in work days on the school grounds several weekends during the year.  

Creekside Tutoring

During the school year on Wednesday evenings, we tutor elementary school children at the Elks Lodge in the Creekside community of Walnut Creek.

Adoptive/Foster Parent Support Group

Gatherings are scheduled several times a year for adoptive and foster parents to come together to share and support each other as they experience the unique challenges of parenting adoptive and foster children.  Dinners and speakers are usually a part of the gathering.  The next gathering is Friday evening, June 9, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.

Christmas Tree Sharing

Each Christmas, we raise up a Christmas tree adorned with tags, each identifying a child in need.  The tags are taken by Hillsiders who buy a present for the child identified on their tag – a child whose only Christmas present may be the one bought by the Hillsider.  The gifts are returned to the Church and then distributed to the children.

Annual Backpack Drive

In the summer in anticipation of the start of the school year, we give Hillsiders the opportunity to buy a backpack and fill it with school supplies for disadvantaged students in the Concord, California area.   The backpacks are collected at church and then distributed.

Organizational Partnerships

Alaska Christian College

Alaska Christian College (ACC) is a Covenant institution located on the outskirts of the City of Soldotna and the City of Kenai on the Kenai Peninsula.  The campus is a community-centered place where one can meet with those who share their desire to grow in faith. ACC is a safe place for students to ask life's tough questions and is committed to encouraging the growth of the whole person-body, soul, mind, and spirit—through whole-life discipleship.  To find out more, visit: www.alaskachristiancollege.org.  

Del Camino Connection

Del Camino Connection provides support to the Red Del Camino (a partnering organization in the Dominican Republic).  They use five “C”s as their ministry framework: catalyzing, connecting, coaching, communicating, and channeling resources.  Hillside partnered with the Del Camino Connection to help build a water purification plant in the Dominican Republic in 2009.  For more information, go to  www.delcaminoconnection.org.

In 2012, Hillside contributed funds toward a bakery project intended to support single women in the community.  We continue to enjoy yearly visits to our partner church, Vision Celestial, as well as receive visits from the pastors there.

DCC Newletter

World Missionaries

Missionaries We Support Around the World

Doug and Anne Sampson - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Sam and Helen Livingston, Act Beyond,Taiwan

Lisandro and Patty Restrepo -  Covenant World Mission, Mexico

Jeff and Carolyn Stoker - Covenant World Mission, Cameroon

Bob and Joyce Widman - Mission Aviation Repair Center, Alaska

Randy and Cheryl Bevis - In Seine, Thailand, Congo, Haiti

Tony Collins—The Leadership Connection, Bay Area

Alex Geonetta-Trius—Intervarsity, Los Angeles

Kelsey Smith—Intervarsity, Santa Monica

Samantha Trimble-Faith at Home, Bay Area

Karin Mord - Mozambique


Compassion, Justice & Mission is led by:

Compassion, Justice & Mission is led by: