The Council is an elected body of godly leaders chosen by the congregation to give oversight to the direction and the function of the church.  On behalf of the congregation they carry fiduciary responsibility to ensure proper fiscal and stewardship processes.  The Council is charged with guarding the overall direction of the church. They do this by listening to God and to the congregation, trusting and empowering the staff to initiate, lead, and implement direction, playing the role of both of encouragement and evaluation. It is the Council, representing the congregation,  to whom the staff, under the management of the Senior Pastor,  is ultimately accountable.  In this kind of partnership the Holy Spirit leads Hillside Covenant Church forward

Council Members:

Dave Singh


Jack LaSalle

Vice Chair

Isabel Harrison

Council Member

Allen Pennebaker

Council Member

Rich Cordes

 Council Secretary

Kristin Baxter

Council Member


Maria Mord

Council Member


Wayne Freeman

Council Member


Claudia Young

Council Member