Day 2

Day 2: New York, the DR, Danny Glover, and Kevin Costner

Travel continued throughout the night and morning... from a mild 60 degree Bay Area climate to the snowy 20 degree New York, and finally the 80 degree Dominican Republic. 

Matt claims he sat next to Danny Glover on the way to New York, which led to a passionate lecture from Dan about how terrible Kevin Costner is. This then led to Sarah and Katie defending Kevin Costner (and Keanu Reaves as well... somehow he was thrown into the debate about terrible actors). 

The team is bonding, needless to say, and it feels great to be sitting in Santo Domingo, drinking coffee, eating plantain chips, and praying / contemplating about the week of ministry partnership ahead. It's an incredible privilege to support and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ here, and maybe it's an even greater privilege to learn and be challenged by them. 

Abba Father, thank you for safe travels. Thank you for the team you sent to the DR this year. Give us ears to hear. Make our hearts sensitive to your Spirit. Speak to us, lead us, and reveal whatever you want to us. Continue to prepare the hearts of the team. Prepare, too, the hearts of those at home - that when we return we will better prepared for your calling. Amen

- Trevor