Last night our travels began with a five hour red eye flight from SF International to Miami International, followed by a 4 hour layover, a 2 ¼ hour flight from Miami International to Santa Domingo International, and then went through immigration and customs. 

We were greeted at the airport by Tom Yaccino of Red Del Camino, which translates Network of the Way, and he and Henry transported us to our accommodations.  As you would expect, we are all fatigued and we all appreciated a couple hours of down time.  We were then treated to a wonderful meal provided by one of the network of churches that we work with through Tom and Red Del Camino. 

We ended our evening with a time of sharing.  Tom provided us with an overview of the Red Del Camino history and ministry, and we all shared whether we had been before, and why we are here on the trip this year.  The primary focus of this trip is relationships and that is what we experienced this evening.

Tomorrow we plan to attend two churches, one in the morning and one in the evening, and it will be a day of renewing relationships with the local brothers and sisters in Christ for those who have been here before, and creating new relationships for those who are here for the first time.