Hi Parents!  

I'm sure you are wondering when your children might be arriving at Hillside to be picked up. 

We are currently (at 3:10) 4.5 hours away and we have an hour stop for dinner. That makes our ETA between 8:30 and 9:00. 

Please be at the church to pick up your kids then expect about 30 min. Upon out arrival to allow them to help clean out and empty the bus. Thank you!!! 

After dinner, we will update one more time for an even more specific arrival time. 

 - Jeremy


Tamale Tuesday

We had another wonderful day of work at the worksite. We were working so hard and fast that we decided to do 3 more projects to bless the church. They will start tomorrow! God is allowing some great relationships to be built and providing much for our ministries.  

Heres a cute picture from sports ministry yesterday to keep you ready for more.  



Monday, Monday

Monday was our kickoff to ministry here at Rancho Agua Viva! All that our 3 Family Groups had planned was set into motion and it was a GREAT day! We picked up lots of trash, built a wall and hung some wiring + drywall. We met lots of kids for the VBS, served some very thankful women for the women's ministry and played some intense soccer. All is well here in Ensenada, and we are excited to keep going through the week. Thank you for your prayers.  




Hola, we arrived safely in San Diego ahead of schedule!!! We ate lunch at the grapevine, made our final run to target, and are enjoying a cool evening at the church in San Diego!!! We appreciate your prayers for safe travels. We cross the border in the morning and are excited for the journey that awaits us. 




the Edge Mexico Team