Week 3

This last week has been a bit of a blur.  We’ve had some high highs, beautiful sunrises, rainbows and sweet family time and some low lows, sick littles, grumpy sisters,  and a car accident.  Last Saturday evening at mile 3311.7, about 1 1/2 hours from our destination we witnessed Gods hand of protection.  As the sun was setting at our backs a car attepted to cross the 4 lane highway and ‘just didin’t see us’.  At 50 mph  ... with a car to our left, no shoulder and oncoming traffic Tom handled Bertha well, slowing us as much as possible in the time he had to respond.  Bertha’s front passanger side bumper made contact with the cars back passenger side trunk/side panel sending the car into a ditch and then back up on to the side road. Tom quickly got us off the highway by turning into the 1st driveway he saw and by the grace of God everyone involved was ok.  Rosie saw the accident happen and was pretty shook up while Wells and Frankie completely missed the action and were thrilled at the impromptu trampoline play date we had happened upon.   The driveway we pulled into was a sweet family who calmed our jitters and kept us company as we sorted out the accident with the sheriff, insurance and rental company.  Two hours later, with one headlight and an inoperable passenger side door, we were back on the road,  so very thankful that everyone was ok and Bertha was still drivable.


Sunday morning we woke up in Rodanthe, NC on Pea island at a KOA steps from a beautiful beach.  We spent 4 nights here in “quarentee” as we waited on poor Wells’ hand, foot and mouth rash to run it’s course and the fate of big Bertha to be determined.


 It was the perfect place to, well, wait.  We played at the beach, chased rainbows, flew kites  and made friends with the fishermen and our RV neighbors. 


We rode bikes, had camp fires, swam and enjoyed God’s beautiful handy work.


By Tuesday big Bertha’s fate was determined and we were thrilled to find that we would be able to keep her.  An appointment was made for the following day to replace her headlight and we started making our way up the coast.  We will make do with the inoperable door and cosmetic blemishes for the remainder of the trip.  We figure a small price to pay to continue our journey with big Bertha!


Thursday we stopped in Kill Devil Hills, NC to visit the Wright Brother Memeorial.


Friday we took a bike ride back in time and visited Colonial Williamsburg in, wait for it, Williamsburg, Va.

We will spend this weekend in Washington D.C. with some dear friends and start our trek back to Indiana on Sunday to start a 4 week run of assemblies including Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma and back to Indiana.  

Please continue to pray for safe travels and for the biggest out pouring of patience for our family.  The best thing about living in an RV is we are all together.  The most challenging thing about living in a RV is that, well, we are always all together.  Praise that Wells is feeling soooooo much better.  The bottom of his sweet little feet are pealing off and he’s all smiles (as long as we don’t touch!).  Tom’s elbow is getting better but not resolved.  Prayers for the students that Tom spoke to last week and for the students that he will encounter next week and that our eyes and hearts would be open to those He puts in our path to encourage and share His love with.

Thank you for journeying with us!

Love from the Gilles Family.