Leader Resources


In order for us to lead and care for others we need to be in a healthy place. God does not ask us to serve through our emptiness but out of His abundance. Explore these resources below that we have gathered together in one place. And make sure to check out our new Leader Resource Center at Hillside, located across from the church office. If there is something you can't find here or the Resource Center, don't hesitate to use the form so we can get you connected!


Spiritual Formation

In order for us to have cups that overflow, we have to be willing to come to the table and dwell in the house of the Lord.  This means choosing to engage in life giving activities and practices that will strengthen your relationship with God.  In this section you will find spiritual formation practices and tools to help you serve out of the fullness God will provide rather than run on your own strength until you have no more to give.


Equipping & Empowering

Leading others can feel overwhelming.  We often don’t feel equipped to do what we are being called to do.  We wonder what will happen if we don’t have the right answers.  It’s important that we encourage and lift each other up as lay leaders.  This section is one way we want to support you.  In it you will find videos of past community gatherings, books to help further understand Scripture, Bible Studies for you to use in small groups as well as papers explaining the church’s views on certain “Hot Topics”.

Policy and procedure

Here we have put papers and documents to help you navigate the policies, procedures, and beliefs of both Hillside Covenant Church and the Covenant Denomination.  We have faith in the leaders God has provided and are grateful for their leadership and direction.  The resources here are intended to help you have easy access to the guidelines we have put in place to safeguard the congregants and the church.