Our Core Values

We believe God’s kingdom turns upside down the goals, values, priorities, and methods of the world. Our revolutionary language is nothing other than the wordsJesus taught us to pray when He said, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  We believe this miracle comes about when Jesus’ followers submit and commit to living life after the manner of Jesus, and in so doing, becoming His hands and feet extended to a world in need.  We help each other toward this vision by sharing five core values in common, represented by the five stones above.  

We are:

God is serious about leading us personally and specifically through His Holy Spirit.  So we are serious about listening hard, and obeying whatever we hear.  We believe in this way He will bring to pass the form and design He has for us, just as His Spirit hovered over the unformed chaos in Genesis 1 and called shape into it.  The colors of the first stone above remind us of that scene and remind us that God is the master at bringing an amazing plan together for the blessing of the world and His glory. 

The Bible is God’s living Word to us.  The more we understand it and put it into practice, the more explosive will be the transformation of our lives.  It is of more value than gold (Psalm 19:10: see the second stone above).  We do not stand as judge over it.  Rather, the Bible judges us.  We trust His Spirit to guide us as we work hard to interpret if faithfully, asking each other, “Where is it written?” as we continually test our conclusions against the words of Scripture

Our church sits on a hill.  But the real action of loving service in Jesus’ name happens off the hill, during the week, in the places we work, live, and study, over long periods of time.  That’s where the rubber meets the road.  And this is where God’s impact through us can multiply, until we, like Abraham of old, can have a legacy of kingdom influence with as many touchpoints as the stars of heaven (that's why the third stone above is called Starry Jasper). 

The church is Jesus’ body in the world.  His body has many parts, and every part needs all the other parts. God continually touches us and teaches us through the hands and the lives of the people that He has arranged for us to live together with as we follow Him.  When we follow His command to love one another, the resulting unity presents to a parched world a picture of vibrant, whole life as it was meant to be lived- growing, green, alive (see the fourth stone above).

The local church is a “training and releasing” center.  Everyone is unique, like the snowflake, and each follower of Jesus has gifts and a mission from God (the fifth stone above is called Snowflake Obsidian).  Our job is to cooperate with God in helping people identify such, encouraging them, training them where applicable, and   pushing them out of the nest to take risks and follow God’s call, whatever it might be.  This value shows itself active when the line between professional ministers and lay ministers becomes fuzzy indeed!