Organizational Partnerships

Alaska Christian College

Alaska Christian College (ACC) is a Covenant institution located on the outskirts of the City of Soldotna and the City of Kenai on the Kenai Peninsula.  The campus is a community-centered place where one can meet with those who share their desire to grow in faith. ACC is a safe place for students to ask life's tough questions and is committed to encouraging the growth of the whole person-body, soul, mind, and spirit—through whole-life discipleship.  To find out more, visit:  

Del Camino Connection

Del Camino Connection provides support to the Red Del Camino (a partnering organization in the Dominican Republic).  They use five “C”s as their ministry framework: catalyzing, connecting, coaching, communicating, and channeling resources.  Hillside partnered with the Del Camino Connection to help build a water purification plant in the Dominican Republic in 2009.  For more information, go to

In 2012, Hillside contributed funds toward a bakery project intended to support single women in the community.  We continue to enjoy yearly visits to our partner church, Vision Celestial, as well as receive visits from the pastors there.