Prison Ministries

Led by Randy Fischback & Margot Camp

Prison Ministry Team:

Randy Fischback, Margot Camp, Ron Tosto, Allyn Carl, Ted and Audrey Engberg, and Alex Morphy.

San Quentin Prison

San Quentin is California's oldest and best known correctional institution.  The state's only gas chamber and death row for all male condemned inmates are located at San Quentin.   

Volunteers Needed: SAN QUENTIN WORSHIP SERVICES.  Hillside has committed to going into San Quentin once a quarter to provide worship services for the inmates and to encourage them in their walk with Christ. Join us for worship services on August 19, and November 11.  There will be several opportunities at Christmas including Christmas Caroling and a Candlelight Service at San Quentin, and providing gifts to families of inmates in Contra Costa County.   


2018: November 11, December 8, 9. 11 
2019:  February 17, June 2, August 18, and November 10.