Stephen Wysong

Director of Student Ministries


Stephen Wysong’s passion in life is to help lead students and families one step closer to Jesus. He grew up as a pastor’s kid and has worked in various churches around America for thirteen years. He is esactic to belong at Hillside Covenant.

Stephen’s goal in student ministry is to create a place where students feel like they belong in community, are growing in their relationship with God, and are champions for bringing more of heaven to earth. Also, he believes the journey should be full of fun.

Stephen is a graduate of William Jessup University with his Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry and Bible and Theology. He is also attending seminary through North Park University. And he is a licensed Covenant Pastor.

Stephen enjoys creative writing, going to the movies, and living a healthy-ish lifestyle. He plays fantasy football and wears Hawaiian shirts for fun.

Stephen lives in Walnut Creek with his wife, Suzana.