Awake in Phulare Valley

As we wake up to a new morning I am overwhelmed with emotion.

Arriving at our destination yesterday we met up with the ladies to spend 3 days at the A-Star Resort::
I don’t know how long we were hugging and wiping tears from our eyes before we finally released the grip we had on each other to find our rooms and put away our luggage.

There is nothing I can say to describe what I saw in the girls.  The apparent healthy changes in some were so obvious and beautiful and then there was also the sadness of missing some of the girls that had been with us last year.  But new girls were among the group and they were ready to be loved!  After luggage was put away we gathered in a big assembly room and again were gifted with the music of Burma.  Sweet sounds of their voices grew and grew in our room with Leik playing the guitar. The voices and prayers rose to heights that had stayed with me from last year. I will try later to record for you their praise and worship!

From the smallest to the oldest they praised and worshiped – eyes closed – hands either lifted or folded.  They know Christ – They show Christ in every breath, story and song they sing.

We tried to sing along at times but their English is better then any of our Burmese - smiles….

The girls then introduced themselves to us and shared. These are a few things they were grateful for and thanked God and us for:

  • The lunch they just had with us

  • The bed in their room

  • The shower and toilet in their room

  • If this is so beautiful – how much more Heaven will be beautiful

  • That they are loved

  • That they are not forgotten

  • That some are able to go to school

  • That we are here and traveled so far to see them

  • That God is so good to them
    How grateful they are!

After prayer time it was swim time.

They were so excited to go in the pool with us and some were excited to show their swimming abilities, others needed to learn to even step into the water.  One step at a time they all joined in and oh what fun it was – playtime where we all became children together.
We did promise there will be more pool time, and smiles were GIANT!
After showers we gathered in the lobby to be shuttled to a nearby restaurant to have dinner. Food is never nor will it ever be a problem for the girls to enjoy.  As soon as we are served everyone helps each other with serving each other,.  It’s not help myself first and then maybe help my neighbor.  No, here it’s the other way, and soon plates were empty and stomachs were full.

As dinner finished it was back in our vans where we sang “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” – Much clapping after our first day together.

Today is a new day and I cannot wait to see what God will do!

Revelation 21:5
5 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”