Grow Home

We arrived at the GROW Home (see link) on November 13th and were greeted like royalty by the children.  They had made a beautiful artistic banner to welcome us.  After sharing a meal (you never go hungry in Thailand), the children sang for us and soon we were playing magical chairs and other games and it was as if we had been together for a long time. It was obvious that the children missed some of the team members from last year and we missed your presence. After games and songs it was back to our hotel for some much-needed rest.

It had been an emotional day (like so many we have while here) – saying goodbye to the girls and saying hello to everyone at GROW – we were ready for much-needed sleep.

November 14, 2015

As morning came upon us we geared up for a day of work and headed back to GROW.

Randy Bevis joined us to meet with Faa regarding starting a fish farm and he brought much knowledge to the table after having lived here in Thailand for more then 20 years.  Here is more detail about Randy:

We walked the grounds and surveyed all the lushness. From teak trees to vegetables, herbs, and fruits, all grown on the property. There were chickens as well – although as Faa said she doesn't know how many there are right now because they eat them. We ventured around the entire property down to a lake where at times the children go swimming.

Saturday is free playtime for the children and they gather in groups to draw, play, play sports, etc. and do what all kids do – be kids!

The kites that were brought were again a big hit and the children decorated them and started to run the soccer field length to make sure their kites flew high in the air. 

Artistic talents are being put to great use by the team. With the vision of GROW's intern, a talented artist on the team, and the help of willing painters, we are creating a simple mural for the girl's home.

We worked out in the field thrashing rice for next year’s supply. We can officially say we have helped harvest rice and all of us have a new found appreciation for the grain.

Covered in dirt/dust and who knows what else lol, we headed back to our hotel for showers and a change of clothes before back for a delicious Thai meal with ingredients picked right from the backyard, including the RICE!

One of our team members has been so taken with the culture she has decided to marry a leader of a hill tribe and as you can see she is completely at ease with her new role.  :)

Much too soon another day was over.