Sunday in the Lord`s land - Thailand

      Today would be a full day - with worship, tour of GROW facilities, visit in Abonzo  coffee and perhaps the medical check ups of the kids in GROW.  

      Touring the GROW facility, it was wonderful to see the kids room where they slept and be reminded of how the children have a safe place to be with beautiful murals and tile color that the children selected.    It was also inspiring to see  the teak trees and how much it has grown with God`s gift of nature.  Walking through the rest of the grounds, we passed by the chicken coop which provided a glimpse of the adults that care for the children as the chicken coop was built by one of the Hillside volunteers, Victor alongside Faa's brother Aja.  

      One of the biggest changes since we were here a year ago was the coming to fruition of the vision that Faa had for the cafeteria.  The last time we were at Grow, this building was not even started, it was just a vision and prayer that Faa had - to build a cafeteria and multi-purpose place for the children.  Now it is a reality.   This morning we were blessed with the privilege of having the first worship service conducted in the new building.    David gave today`s message that sometimes God calls us when it is not the best of time or may not be convenient or it may not seem logical - and this is when following God is an act of faith.    

      In the afternoon, the team went to Abonzo Coffee up in the mountains and had the privilege to see Patrick and to hear his message of how he came to be a Christian and how he followed God when God called him back to the mountains to be with his people - the Akha Tribe.    What Patrick would have really wanted was to stay in Bangkok but he followed/what God wanted him to do and went back to the mountains and open up a coffee business - when he did not know the first thing about coffee.   He didn't even drink coffee.    

      Now Patrick is doing God`s work with his coffee business and coffee shop - helping his Akha people -  paying them fair wages and spreading the word of God including having daily 30 minutes bible study and financially supporting who may be called to bible college to be a minister.   What is also amazing about this is how in one year, the building which was nothing more than a vision for a coffee house with partial foundation is now a full blown coffee shop.   What amazing things can happen with God`s grace.

      Thinking back to the message that God gave David to deliver - to trust God and do what God wants even though it may not seem logical - seems to be Patrick`s story of opening up a coffee business when he didn't even drink coffee let alone know the first thing about coffee.   God provides and shows the way.