Cambodia 2

    The day started off on a happy note sharing breakfast with two Australian missionaries and their two children who take high school and college kids to the Cambodian slums.  We learned that you officially gain the title Big Boy when you turn 3 years old.

   Things became much more serious as some of the team went to Cheungek Genocidal Center to learn about the mass execution of the intellectual elite of Cambodia that occurred in the 1970’s.  The disregard of human life was palpable when learning of the actions of the Khmer Rouge embodied in their slogan “It is better to kill an innocent person by mistake than to let an enemy live by mistake.”

    We had lunch at Daughters of Cambodia which is a cafe/boutique that employs victims of sex trafficking.  The food and decor were stylish enough to have been transplanted directly from downtown Walnut Creek, but it meant something to know that our dollars spent could encourage social entrepreneurs and support vulnerable women in Cambodia.

    Our team then returned to precious women ministry for an outreach party.  Three of the women our team met the day before came as we attempted to communicate Gods love for them in skit, song and smiles.  We even used our Culinary expertise to judge a dessert cooking competition.  It was an honor to stand beside our Cambodian brothers and sisters in Christ as they attempt to change the culture around them by teaching vulnerable women that they have value.