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Ready (And Not) Here We Come!

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It’s departure day for the Thailand team. We’ve spent several hours meeting together, eating together and talking about what to expect along with the do’s and don’ts of our time working with the GROW and safe house groups.

We’ll be flying overnight and will no doubt arrive refreshed and rested—especially the tall team members like Randy, Dave and Matt who love a good night’s sleep on a plane. J But the fact that far-flung destinations in the world can be reached so (relatively) easily makes us able to be part of the greater Christian community, which is awfully cool. We’re excited to bring Hillside’s love to Thailand and beyond.

One of our goals is to be fully present in the experience, no matter the activity, and relish allowing Christ to work through us—whether playing with the kids, helping to harvest rice, worshiping together, or helping de-lice those in need (which sounds like both a harrowing task and an amazing and tangible way to help someone in need).

It will be exciting to hear about the conversations Hillside is engaged in while we’re away concerning the worship service rethink.  It’s energizing for our church community to stretch and shift and stay open to what God has in store for us, and so on that front both our larger church family and our little team of Hillside representatives in Thailand and beyond, will be doing the same.

See you in a couple of weeks!


The Thailand Team