Worship and Play

   We began our second day across the border with breakfast at a traditional teahouse. For only about $2 a person, we ate until we were stuffed!

   Upon our arrival at the Feed My Sheep center, we were again greeted by cheers and hugs and the widest smiles.  The room was set up for their weekly Sunday church service.  Every member of the safe house seemed to have a role whether it be singing, playing music, dancing, scripture reading, passing the offering, or serving communion.  Music is such an integral part of the house and the South-East Asians use their entire bodies and voice to worship.  The boys got up and sang a song asking God to bless their country while some of the girls a performed a beautifully choreographed dance using fans. 

   We were invited to participate in Sunday worship.  Our very own David Doering gave the sermon about identify and how we no longer need to be defined by worldly-identifiers.  Instead we are known as God’s beloved children.  Sarah and Leik served communion, reminding us that we are all one body and one church in Jesus.  Ron joined the band as the drummer as we sang songs in their language and in our own.  The room resonated with the sound of God’s people giving Him glory and honor!  But the best part of the morning was after the service when the band continued to play as chairs were being put away.  Suddenly, the room turned into a spontaneous dance party with people shouting, “Blessed be the name of the Lord!!”  Every Sunday service should end with such an overflow of praise and celebration of God’s love for His people!

   In the afternoon, we took all the kids from the safe house to a pool at a local hotel.  Some of these kids had never been swimming before and were just delighted to splash, slide down waterslides, practice floating, or play monkey-in-the-middle with the beach ball.  Randy even took Moses, who is blind, down one of the waterslides.  I wish everyone could have seen his smile!  It was fun and exhausting and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

   On the way back from the pool, we stopped to buy the kids ice cream from a small market.  We met the store owner and she shared with us that she was opening a health clinic next door. She felt drained and needed encouragement.  Sarah prayed for her as our team surrounded her.  God set up a very special opportunity and we were blessed by the meeting.

   We ended the day eating together, satisfied in just being together and thanking God for a day to worship and play.