As Rare as a Unicorn

   Every year during the mission trip, the team takes the group of Safe House girls, who are older than school age, on a retreat for three days. And it’s not just any old retreat…it’s to a beautiful resort with a gorgeous pool and lovely accommodations out in the countryside.

   The contrast to their regular, daily lives is huge. There are about 30 people who live in the Safe House and the older girls spend a lot of time shopping, cooking, cleaning and caring for the smaller children who live there. It’s no small task because the kitchen is comprised of a sink, a small counter top and two outdoor fire pits. That’s it. There is no refrigerator, no stove, no oven, no dishwasher, no modern amenities at all and about 30 people to feed and then clean up after. And they do it day after day…after day…after day.

   Add to that, the fact that these young women have been through terribly abusive situations before even making it to the haven of the Safe House. And then imagine what it must be to simply take a break and be a pampered teenager for a few days. To swim, laugh, and go out to eat.

   We happened to be given a room next door to a group of girls at the resort and when they entered their room the cheering, giggling, and general excitement emanated right through the walls. It was so fun to hear their reaction! They were truly thrilled and filled with a bursting giddiness.

   The next stop was the pool where they jumped in and played with the excitement of little children. The glee was magnified upon the discovery of huge inflatable unicorn pool toys and the recipe for pure, rare fun was complete. To be a witness is truly an honor.