4: Our Love Stays...


The day started with excitement in getting the gifts packed for the safe house and for GROW.  Then we were off to the Tea House where one has to raise your hand if you want to eat.  Here we have to be fully present.  Love it!  It’s like raising our hands to be with Jesus that day. 

Exploring land options was next.   Seeing the serenity of the land and what could be our future home for the safe house is indescribable.   Kate led us in prayer with words so perfect for the time and could only be possible with the Holy Spirit guiding Kate as she led the team in prayer. A memorable part was our local pastor reaching in the mud next to the homes in the land where there were crabs!   She fearlessly reaches deep in the mud which was a bit scary for us.   Randy described our local pastor when he said “She does not hesitate to reach in dark places.”

After school the kids rushed back home as it is Swim Day!   This is such a blessing for us as the kids get to swim - the only time they get to swim is when the team visits.   During this trip God worked a miracle.   We didn’t have enough swimsuits for the Kids which is required in that hotel.  Despite our best attempts to get kids swimsuits in advance, we could not...which honestly was disappointing...  or so we thought.   God’s plan was to let us witness His Amazing Grace where we could witness God leading the owner of the hotel to make it possible.  The kids and safe house residents and Hillside team played and just had a joyful time together.


After swimming was dinner at the Noodle place then ICE CREAM!   

Finishing up the day we headed back to the safe house where we played and sang .   Played a video message from Brother Ron which they loved!   It was a message spoken in their language.  Seeing the joy in their faces was precious. 

This is our last night here as tomorrow we leave the border.  Always hard to say goodbye to the kids who aren’t coming with us to Thailand.    

Our love stays...