6: Respite Day


Day six was a respite in many ways. It began with a cool breeze blowing away the oppressive humidity and heat. A cloud cover blocked the intense sun and we all took a deep breath. 

     Usually we begin the morning with a time of sharing, but because Leik and Irene (the Safe House leaders) have been feeling especially worn down and overwhelmed since the addition of several new children into the home, we instead spent some time gathering around them to give them support and encouragement. Jeff, Sarah and Jon gave each of them a message to lift them up. We all prayed for them and then sang praise songs for them rather than them singing for us, which is usually the case. 

     We then set out for a park that has a zip line to give the girls an adventure, but little did we know there was something that would prove even more exciting that was to come first: a double decker bus! Yep, we were unable to arrange tuk tuks as we would usually use, so Randy got a bus for us all to ride together and it was an unexpected hit! They were so excited. The wanted their pictures taken in front of the bus and joyfully dashed to the upper level for the trip. 

     We explored the park and then ended at the zip line, which began at a building that was four stories tall, zipped across a beautiful lawn area, and then ended further along the meadow. Several of us sat below (eating ice cream!) and watching everyone zip overhead. We all decided that Margo won the honor of “best and longest scream” as she zoomed by. 

     We ended the day at the movies, which is a serious highlight of the trip for the girls. It’s the one movie a year they get to see and we do it up with popcorn and soda. As we exited the theater, we heard one of the girls say, “See you next year!”