Yesterday was a day none of us had expected. We were on a tight schedule in the morning in order to get to G.R.O.W. on time to eat a wonderful meal prepared for us by the cooks there.


After being treated to such a wonderful meal, as always, we cleaned off our tables and placed the dishes in their brand new cleaning area that has been built over the past year. Some of the ladies participated in the cleaning all of our dishes to put less work on our amazing hosts here in Thailand. 

Quickly after a group prayer with the children and staff, we loaded up the GROW bus and Truck and started our journey to Chiang Mai to see a movie and feed the kids the meal they have been dreaming of. Pizza, KFC, and MCDonalds fueled up the children before choosing to go see the new Nutcracker movie. Smiles grew wider and wider as they lined up for their unexpected popcorn and soda treats. After the movie, our team split quickly to find a breakfast snack for the following morning in order to make it to church service at the GROW home on time.


The plan was to follow up the movie with a picnic full of market food and treats from 7/11, but what was supposed to be a quick stop, turned into driving the 3hrs back to GROW to eat around 8pm. A long day of driving, eating, and goofing around, led to chowing down catfish on a stick with sticky rice in our fingers. We said goodbye, and jumped into the trucks that were loaned to the team to make it easier on the GROW staff. Randy and Allen, practicing their left side driving, landed us safely back to our hotel where we all went straight to bed excited for worship the following morning.