Tomorrow is Now


Today is the last day of our trip and this morning we spent some time reflecting on the journey we’ve been on while here. One of the things that struck us is the fact that, by looking at GROW, we have a blueprint of what the Safe House ministry can become. 

     They both began humbly: gathering children in extreme need—whether abused, starved, trafficked, prostituted—and providing a safe haven in a home. GROW has been able to expand into an incredible organization by partnering with several churches in the US and being able to work with the Thai government. They have a nine acres of land with separate dorms for the girls and boys, rice fields, chickens, a soccer field, play structure, dining hall and worship center. They have therapists for the children and are working on plans to have training for the children to prepare them to launch into the world once they graduate from high school. It’s a truly inspirational place with strong leadership by Faa, Ning and their team.

     The Safe House, however, has different and significant challenges. They partner with Hillside only and are not able to work with the government of their country because they need to fly under the radar. The entire group lives in a three bedroom, two bathroom home with only a small cement yard and an extremely rudimentary kitchen. It would be easy to despair but instead it’s exciting to know that God has more in store for them and that this is only the beginning. They want to purchase land so they can expand in a similar way to GROW.  They want to be able to take on more children who are at risk for being trafficked and help the kids in the program prepare for their future. There are so many obstacles, but instead of thinking of them as unpassable roadblocks, we can see them as opportunities to watch God at work. 

     So, a quick call to action in case you are feeling like you are being called to jump in: If you want to know how you can help in an immediate, tangible way there are two things you can do. The first is to commit to praying for the Safe House and the leaders, Leik and Irene. For their wisdom in knowing where God is leading them and for the ministry itself. The second is to become part of the group who gives financial support to them. There are two opportunities for giving. You can add to the fund that finances the ministry’s ongoing needs. The second is to donate to the land fund to help set them up for the future. (Please do not think of this as a pressure situation! This suggestion is simply an outlet for those who are feeling a specific call to do something now. Contact Sarah Ago or David Doering for donation information.)

     Hillside is walking with them on this journey. We are privileged to be able to do so. It’s exciting to see where God is taking us.