Waking up, excited to take on a beautiful Sunday morning here across the border, the group gathered in the hotel lobby. Leik arrived to take us to a most delicious tea house breakfast. The food just kept coming, and after a comment about what they eat for lunch, a plate of their lunch food landed on the table. Piling all 14 full tummies into the back of the Leik’s pickup, we made our way to the church service at the home. Once again greeted by laughs and smiles, we couldn’t even wait for the tailgate to open before jumping out into the arms of the children. After Saying good morning and smiling till our cheeks hurt, we took our seats for maybe the best worship service I have ever had. The holy spirit erupted around the room as tears accumulated on faces and smiles held hands. After some wonderful songs by the children’s choir, we were blessed to hear the testimony of two of our group members. Pastor Sara then gave a sermon on the book of Ruth, translated to the congregation by pastor Leik. Ending with some more worship, and a Hillside favorite, “How Great is Our God,” our church service across the border was a success. We then sat down for a noodle lunch that we later found out was the bland version, keeping the spicy dish in the back to ensure our American taste buds lived another day.          

After an hour or two of playing Uno, Candyland, and learning how to count, we made our way back to the hotel to complete our bathroom kits for the children, and some much needed R&R. When we arrived back at the home for the evening, we were told that the boys, along with Leik, were going to play kick volley ball, or “SEPAK TAKRAW.” A game of two teams of three, played with a straw ball using only your feet and head. Three group members ended up participating in this quick paced game, and to say the least, dinner wasn’t the only thing cooked.            

After a great meal once again, we had some more time to interact with the kids. Ron even had purchased a new DVD player for the kids, where they huddled around to watch some of “Finding Dory.” We ended the night with some more great worship. Mixed songs of English and Burmese, complied together, enthusiastically bringing the joy of the Lord into the Hearts of us all. Although we speak different languages and embrace different cultures, we both look up at the same moon. And said best by Pastor Jeff, we praise the same Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Leaving the home late at night, exhausted, yet full of bliss, we kept our minds on the task ahead. Tomorrow is another day, another gift, spent loving Jesus, and spreading hope and good news.