Magi: The Journey Begins - 2017

What’s the purpose of our community’s worship services?

Sunday morning worship services are the times that we set aside to get away from the distractions of our busy world and put our focus squarely on God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  Our first and primary aim in our community’s worship times is to express to God our praise for who He is and what He has done (and continues to do) in our lives.  We also desire that our times of worship be times of honesty in which we can express to God and each other not only our joy and thanks but also our brokenness, doubt, and pain.  We believe that God meets us and ministers to us as we abandon our whole selves to His agenda.

What can I expect on Sunday mornings?

Worship services at Hillside might keep you guessing.  We believe strongly that 2000-some years of Christian history have left us with a rich color palette with which to paint our worship.  So on any given Sunday morning, you may find us singing to God an old and beloved hymn with organ, or you may find drums, bass, and electric guitar as the accompaniment to a newly-written song. You may find the words of an ancient prayer giving language to the cry of your heart. You may sense God speaking to you through the beauty of a choral anthem or classical guitar piece. You may find yourself drawn closer to your Creator as you hear His truth in scripture, or see it come alive in a dance or drama. And each week you will hear a sermon that is both accessible and engaging and also deep and challenging. Above all, expect to find our community using whatever tools we have at our disposal to try to give our best gift of worship to God.

Here is a breakdown of our Sunday mornings:

9:00 & 11 AM


These blended services are held in the sanctuary. Musically, you will experience a wide variety of instrumentation and songs from traditional hymns to contemporary selections. The choir sings anthems most Sundays during the school year. Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. 


This page says “Worship and Arts.” What’s the “Arts” part?

Hillside believes that any good art expresses something about God, and so we strive to find ways to cultivate art among us, for the purpose of letting God speak to us. We have a strong history of original dramatic productions, particularly around Christmas time. Whatever the medium—be it music, dance, drama, visual art, poetry—we are constantly looking for ways to let God speak through the arts.

How can I get involved?

There are many opportunities for you to offer your gifts to enrich Hillside’s Worship and Arts ministries. Please Contact Michele Miller for more information about any of these areas:

  • Sanctuary Choir – sings at the 9:00 and 11:00 services. Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings at 7:00. Our repertoire ranges from classical pieces to spirituals to contemporary anthems. All skill/experience levels welcome. Come join us!

  • Worship Team – vocalists and instrumentalists help lead our worship singing for all services. Rehearsals are generally Thursday nights at 7:00.

  • Other Instrumentalists – whatever instrument you play, we’ll probably be able to find a place for it in worship!

  • Sound Technicians – help set up and run our sound equipment for rehearsals, services, and other events. No prior experience is necessary – an ear for music helps, but we’ll train you if you’re interested!Projection Team – projectionists run all of the visual elements of our services, from song lyrics to video clips to whatever else ends up on the screen! Again, no experience necessary.

  • Ushers (currently very needed!) – play an important role in creating a welcoming and warm environment for worship.

  • Dancers/choreographers – will be called upon to physically express God’s beauty and truth. Let us know if this is one of your gifts!

  • Actors/directors/writers – help us communicate through drama or the spoken word, from the writing process to the performance.

  • Photographers/visual artists – help visually enrich our worship life.


Please contact Michele Miller if you are interested in getting involved with our Worship and Arts Ministry.